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Hi5 Tattoo Training Institute - Chennai

'STOP trying to learn how to tattoo by watching Poor Quality YouTube videos or buying cheap ebooks Made By Sneaky Amateurs.Hi5 Tattoo is provide training step-by-step course for people just like yourself who want to learn how to tattoo from A to Z. This is one of the most comprehensive tattooing courses in Chennai. It will teach you everything you need to know including how to setup your tattoo machine, what needles and machines to use, how to do black and grey shading, lining, colorwork, portraits, and just about everything else in between including…

How to setup your tattoo machine, needles, control depth, and more!
How to master the fine art of Black & Grey shading with ease!
How to tattoo life-like portraits, do tattoo cover-ups and more!
How to do proper blending with color and black ink that looks great!
How to create smooth shading, perfect lines, and realistic depth!
How to use the RIGHT needle groupings for the best tattoos!
How to safely setup your machine, work area, prep a client, and more!

How to create and apply stencils the simple way each and every time!
How to use advanced shading and lining techniques like a real pro!
How to take your drawing skills to a new level, even if you suck at drawing!
How to use depth, perspective, placement, and form/fit for each tattoo!
How to implement unique cover-up techniques and procedures that work!

How to work with pre-existing tattoos and make them even better!
How to become a real expert at black shading with these unique techniques!
How to properly apply pressure and depth with needles for safe tattooing!
How to do smooth fill-ins, add in realism elements, and stop 'blotchy' tattoos!
How to use the best inks, needles and machines (with recommendations!)
How to build your confidence in your own tattooing abilities!

How to practice tattooing without hurting yourself or others!
How to setup your own tattoo shop from the ground up!
How to land an apprenticeship that you can trust and rely on!
How to turn your passion of tattooing into your own business!